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Transparent bubble with PhotoFiltre Studio (shareware 30 days)
  • This tutorial was created by Benthai, and we will carry out a transparent bubble integrating an alpha layer( containing transparency informations ).
  • The image obtained will be exported with png format, to preserve all its properties, and could thus be re-used as layer on another image.
Image result  

To create animated pictures with PhotoFiltre Studio (shareware 30 days)
  • This page is an extract of the official documentation for PhotoFiltre Studio,                            describing the Animated Gif module, with some illustrated examples.
  • Animated GIF module enables you to create animations of animated GIF type, by using the internal management of the layers of PhotoFiltre Studio.       Updated 2008/10/10 for 9.2.2 Studio release

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The secret of small round buttons in GIF with PhotoFiltre 6 (freeware)
  • Making a round button is not too difficult. But successfully made transparent portions of the image outside the button, without losing the smoothing contours, requires a few tricks.
  • Depending on whether the substance is clear or dark, it will be necessary to adapt the technique to get an illusion of roundness and clarity, without visible shadow of unwanted pixels.
Result   :   

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Portrait - Uncapping dark eyes with PhotoFiltre 6 (freeware)

  • Making a quick clipping of the dark parts, and through the method Antialiasing / Progressive contour from PhotoFiltre , it is possible to modify locally the luminance (gamma) without a visible join.


  Portrait - Replace half-closed eyes - with PhotoFiltre Studio

  • Making a quick clipping on another quite similar face, and fine-tune the size and position of this one to replace the previous one.
  • Using different finishing tools to achieve a paste with no visible join.